Lloyds Enterprises Share Price Target (2024-2050)

In this blog post, we will tell you in detail about the Lloyds Enterprises Share Price Target from 2024 to 2050 and how you can earn a lot of return by investing in its stock in the future.

At present, the share price of Lloyds Enterprises is around Rs 36, which is quite economical, and many financial experts believe that its price has the growing potential to touch the sky in the coming years.

Additionally, many stock experts consider Lloyds Enterprises’ stock to be a competitor of Tata Steel, which has recently become the subject of many headlines among retail investors.

Let’s start its stock price prediction!

What is Lloyds Enterprises Ltd?

Lloyds Enterprises was founded in 1989 by Rajesh Gupta and was previously known as Shree Global Tradefin Limited.

This Indian-origin manufacturing and producing company currently manufactures alloy steel scrap, tubes, pipes, and wires for household and commercial use.

Lloyds Enterprises Financial Overview

At present, the company’s financial condition is quite good, with a total company valuation of around Rs 4614 crore, and the price of one of its shares is trading at Rs 36.

Along with this, the company’s revenue has increased in the last three years, but the profit of the company has declined till the year 2023, although its net worth has risen continuously.

If we talk about reserves, the company has enormous reserves of Rs 1311 crore, assets of Rs 439 crore, and liabilities of Rs 203 crore.

The company also has a debt of about Rs 38 crore, which is very nominal and straightforward to become debt-free.

See detailed financial overview:

Name2021 (Cr)2022 (Cr)2023 (Cr)3 Year Growth (%)
Lloyds Enterprises Ltd Growth in the last 3 years

Lloyds Enterprises Share Holding

Currently, the promoter Lloyds Enterprises Ltd holds 73.91% shares in the company, while retail investors hold 25.69% and foreign institutions hold only 0.40%.

Lloyds Enterprises Share Price History

If we talk about the increase in Lloyds Enterprises Ltd’s share price in the last five years, then its investors have earned very good profits on their investment.

The company has consistently reduced its non-performing assets and also increased its sales, the result of which is reflected in its share price, which has seen an increase of 350% in the last five years.

Although the company’s sales reduced significantly in the March quarter last year and faced a shortage of funds, due to the wisdom and promising strategy of the company management, the company has again started running on the growth track.

Metric TermsValue
Market Cap₹ 4,614 Cr.
Current Share Price₹ 36.3
Min/max Price₹6.12/47.8
Stock P/E ratio61.9
Dividend Yield0.28%
Face Value₹ 1.00
Company Profit after tax₹74.5 Cr.
ROE 3Yr3.39%
Promoter holding73.9%
Return over 3 years144%
Profit Var 3Yrs360%
Debt₹38.9 Cr.
Debt to equity0.03
Earnings yield2.12%
Lloyds Enterprises Share metrics

Lloyds Enterprises Share Price Target 2024-2050

We spent hours of research using various forecasting techniques to find out what Lloyds Enterprises’ share price will be in the future.

For this, we studied the opinions of renowned stock market experts, and using AI-based deep learning algorithms, we predicted the share price of Lloyds Enterprises in the coming years.

We have already told you that this study only estimates Lloyds Enterprises Ltd’s share price, not the exact price at a particular time.

As per our recommendation, do your own research to understand the financial stability of this company and then think about investing in this stock.

Apart from this, you can also take advice from a bona fide financial and stock expert who will protect you from losses in your investments.

See the table below to know the share price of Lloyds Enterprises in the coming years.

YearMinimum price (Rs)Maximum Price (Rs)
Lloyds Enterprises Share Price Target 2024-2050

Final Word: Lloyds Enterprises Share Price Target

In this blog post related to Lloyds Enterprises Share Price Target 2024- 2050, we have given you a forecast of Lloyds Enterprises’ share price in the coming years.

We have collected this information from various sources available on the internet, which may be both true and false depending on the current market conditions.

We are not financial advisers, so please do your own research before investing in Lloyds Enterprises shares.

Disclaimer: We are not legal or financial advisors and do not advise any investor to invest money through this post. If anyone invests in an IPO, then he should do so at his own risk, as we are not responsible in any way for his profit or loss.

Thank you!

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