Adani Power Share Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2030, 2040 And 2050

This blog post will tell you about Adani Power Share Target for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, and beyond.

Over the past few years, astonishing growth has been observed in the share price of Adani Power, which attracts new investors’ attention.

Apart from this, Adani Power’s expansion in the power sector has become a topic of much discussion among share investors, which will be the main reason for the rise in its share price in the coming years.

Knowing about Adani Power’s business and the future growth projection becomes essential for getting the expected ROI before investing in its share for the long term.

Let’s get started and analyze its near future growth!

What is Adani Power Ltd and its Bussines?

Adani Power Limited (Adani Group Subsidiary) primarily works in power generation and distribution for household and commercial uses.

More than nine Indian state governments consume their electricity for industrial and residential applications generated from the Adani Power plant, which is more than 10000 MW, and it’s increasing with time.

Five types of energy sources (thermal, solar, hydro, wind, and gas) are used to generate electricity by Adani Power with a mission to shift toward renewable sources entirely in the near future with sustainable development in mind.

Due to this, Adani Power has set a target of producing 25% of the total electricity generation from renewable sources by 2025.

Toward achieving its goal, Asadhi Power has installed solar panel plants in the arid regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan, producing hundreds of megawatts of power.

Adani Power Share Targets 2024-2050

The table below shows the estimated or predicted price of Adani Power shares from 2023 to 2050.

The forecast price presented here has been determined using technical analysis and AI-based techniques.

Target YearMinimum Price (Rs)Maximum Price (Rs)

Adani Power Share Target 2024

According to our analysis, Adani Power’s share price is expected to range between a minimum of ₹372.14 and a maximum of ₹427.57 by the end of 2024.

Currently, Adani Power is operating with a total power generation capacity of 13650 MW. With continuously increasing demand, it is also working on expanding its capacity.

To achieve their target, Adani Power is also investing in new plants and modern technology so that the energy demand of Indians can be met in the coming times.

Because of all these considerable upcoming events, there is a high possibility of good profits for its shareholders, which can be seen in its share price by 2024.

Adani Power Share Target 2025

Considering the current growth will happen till the end of 2025, the share price of Adani Power can fluctuate from a minimum of Rs453.46 to a maximum of Rs 518.20.

If the Indian share market follows a bullish pattern, its share price may be higher than our estimated value. Still, in a bearish market, its share price may also be lower than the estimated minimum.

Furthermore, Adani Power is emerging as a leading electricity provider in India to households and industry users.

Adani Power Share Target 2026

According to technical analysis, Adani Power’s share price in 2026 is expected to reach up to a maximum targeted price of ₹614.61 with a minimum predicted of ₹561.51.

Recently, several long-term electricity purchase agreements have been signed between Adani Power and different state governments and private entities, which would benefit the company in the future.

Adani Power became financially strengthened with all these agreements and will also win consumers’ trust.

As per our analysis, all these agreements and strong customer trust will play a vital role in the company’s business growth in the coming future.

Adani Power Share Target 2027

If Adani Power’s business grows at the current growth till 2027, its share price this year will likely range from a minimum estimated price of ₹663.95 to a maximum estimated price of ₹709.46.

The recent quarter balance sheet of Adani Power Ltd shows an increasing graph in the company’s net profit, which indicates that its business strategy is on the right path.

Along with this, the company is also using this profit for business expansion, which will be helpful in energy production in the future and will increase the company’s revenue.

Adani Power Share Target 2028

According to our analysis, Adani Power shares can trade from a minimum targeted price of ₹776.11 to a maximum targetted price of ₹789.80 on the Stock Exchange in 2028.

Adani Power Share Target 2029

Our analysis of Adani Power Share price for 2029 shows ₹862.57 and ₹862.57 for its minimum and maximum targeted price.

The year 2029 will be a critical year for a country like India as the Indian economy will be very close to achieving its 5 trillion dollar target.

With this, the country’s energy demand will reach its peak, which companies like Adani Power will supply.

Apart from this, there are many other reasons why there can be a massive increase in the price of Adani Power shares.

Adani Power Share Target 2030

According to our price forecast, Adani Power’s share price can reach a minimum of ₹982.48 to a maximum of ₹990.33 in 2030.

Apart from this, in a bullish market trend, its share price may cross the target of ₹1000 and reach ₹1080, whereas in a bearish trend, it may be challenging to get the estimated target.

Adani Power’s business is also expected to grow well in 2030, increasing the expectations of attractive returns for its investors.

Adani Power Share Target 2035

Many stock experts believe that the year 2035 is going to be very good for the shareholders of Adani Power Company because, by this year, its share price will reach ₹ 1627.67.

However, this is only an estimate or prediction that may change according to time and circumstances.

In our analysis, there is a strong possibility that Adani Power’s share price in 2035 will be traded in the range of a minimum of ₹15431.85 to a maximum of ₹1627.67.

Adani Power Share Target 2040

According to our analysis, Adani Power’s share price in 2040 is estimated to be in the range of a minimum ₹1948.72 to ₹2537.05, which may be more or less as per the current market situation.

It becomes pretty easy to estimate based on market reports because, by 2040, Adani Power’s electricity production will have increased significantly.

Apart from this, it is also possible that by this time, Adani Power will also start using nuclear energy for power generation, which is included in its plan.

Currently, Adani Power is using coal and solar energy for power generation, and the company is also working towards eliminating coal-based thermal power generation in the near future.

Adani Power Share Target 2045

Adani Power’s stock will be touching new heights in 2045, and this year, the stock can trade between ₹2431.69 to ₹2589.15 on the stock exchange.

If you currently invest ₹ 1000 in Adani Power, then by 2045, its price may exceed ₹ 8000.

By this time, India would have become a developed country, due to which the demand for electricity will also increase in the entire region due to industrial operations and the electrification of villages.

On this occasion, Adani Power will showcase its full capacity to meet the future electricity demand, which will definitely benefit its shareholders.

Adani Power Share Target 2050

According to our study, Adani Power’s share price in 2050 is estimated to range from a minimum estimated ₹2930.64 to a maximum estimated ₹3089.56.

According to its roadmap, by 2050, Adani Power’s clean energy-generating supercritical thermal power plant will be fully operational, which will be the world’s first supercritical thermal power plant.

As you know, the world is struggling with environmental problems, and this step of Adani Power will be known as a benchmark.

Additionally, Adani Group company’s shares will have a good hold in the global stock market by 2050, which will be attracting foreign investers.

According to our analysis, Adani Power stock is fully capable of trading at extreme prices in the coming years, with the potential to make its investors millionaires.

What is the risk of investing in Adani Power shares?

As you know, Adani Group is a very big conglomerate in India, and Adani Power is a part of this group.

At present, Adani Power is paying more attention to its business expansion, and due to this, the amount of debt has also increased.

Adani Power’s profitability prospects are decreasing due to continuously increasing debt, the effect of this can be seen on its company share price.

Although there is no place for doubt that Adani Group is one of the most famous and reputed groups all over the world, has the ability to repay all its debts in a single day.

But In our opinion, investing in Adani Power shares can be a bit risky for a retail investor after the huge crises in its shares last year, 2022.

As per our prediction for the long term, Adani Power shares will touch new heights of success in the coming years and make its investors rich.

At present, the price of Adani Power share is ₹376.250, whose price has increased by about 45% in the last two months.

According to our long-term analysis, the price of this share is expected to reach ₹719.456 in the coming five years, i.e., by 2028.

This means that if you invest Rs 1000 in this stock for the next five years, keeping in mind the current growth, then by 2028, you can get Rs2560, with an increase of about 156.72%.

FAQ: Adani Power Share Target

How to buy Adani Power shares?

Adani Power Limited is listed on both the stock exchanges of India, National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), whose shares you can buy by opening a brokerage account with any registered stockbroker.

Final Word: Adani Power Share Target

Through this post, we have told about the minimum and maximum predicted share price of Adani Power Ltd for almost all the essential years to come.

If we look at the increase in the price of this share in the last five years, it has given its investors a return on investment of about 1500%, which is quite commendable.

In the current scenario, with these solid financial fundamentals, Adani Power emerged as an emerging player in the power generation sector with immense growth potential that will go a long way to success.

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